After a long lapse (pardon me for having a life…as hellacious as it can sometimes be), there’s a new installment of Capes, Cowls & Costumes my comic book novelization column up at the very fine This time around, I interview comics legend Marv Wolfman (okay, it’s really funny calling guys I’ve know, like forever, “legends,” but there you have it) about his role as co-packager/co-editor/writer on the Marvel Novel Series, published by Pocket Books in late-1970s, as well as his comic book tie-in writing since then.

“I didn’t have a great ambition then to write prose, because I didn’t think I’d be good at it,” Marv told me. “I was essentially a dialogue writer — comics are mostly dialogue, at least the part the reader is aware of — and was intimidated by prose because I was a reader of Bradbury and others who were so brilliant. But we were young and foolish and agreed to do it so there would be good superhero novels. We hadn’t read any good ones before.”

See what else he has to say…

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