The Week of August 30, 1982
Art by: Jose Delbo, Bob Smith, and Vince Colletta
Lettering by: Gaspar Saladino
Superman, World’s Greatest Superheroes, and all related characters & elements © DC Comics
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2 Comments on Superman Saturday (or Sunday) #34

  1. D. D. Degg says:

    Back when Delbo took on the penciling of the strip Colletta’s inks smoothed the transition from Tuska, but there’s no easing the switch from Colletta to Smith here. (Though Smith did seem to try by doing a fair share of feathering.) Wasn’t Smith kind of new to the game to be given such a high profile assignment?

    • Bob Smith’s stint here was just as a fill-in (a few more weeks follow), along with at least one week by Frank McLaughlin, before Sal Trapani took over permanently from Colletta. And Bob had about 6 0r 7 years as an inker under his belt by the time he did the strip…almost as long as my time in comics at the time.

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