Direct Conversations: Talks with Fellow DC Comics Bronze Age Creators

Interviews conducted, transcribed, and edited by Paul Kupperberg
Introduction by Robert Greenberger
Illustrated by Adam Wallenta
Crazy 8 Press
234 Pages
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8373651769


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By the mid-1970s, the comic book industry was undergoing one of the most significant shifts in its 40-year history. An older readership was demanding more sophisticated art and storytelling even as the medium’s entire distribution model was pivoting from traditional newsstands and mom-and-pop retail shops to a growing network of comic book specialty shops appearing around the country.

Even the old-guard management at DC Comics recognized that the new generation of readers called for a new generation of creators, writers, and artists closer to the age and interests of these new fans than the 20-, 30-, or even 40-year veterans still responsible for most of the publisher’s output.

And the timing couldn’t have been better. The growth of the 1960s fandom movement had produced countless young wannabes anxious for the opportunity to “go pro.”

Brooklyn-born Paul Kupperberg made the jump from fan to professional writer in 1975. Now, nearly half a century later, he’s sat down to reminisce about the good- (and some not-so-good-) old days of their Bronze Age beginnings with ten friends and colleagues from the time: Howard Chaykin, Jack C. Harris, Tony Isabella, Paul Levitz, Steve Mitchell, Bob Rozakis, Joe Staton, Anthony Tollin, Bob Toomey, and Michael Uslan.

Illustration by ADAM WALLENTA

Paul Kupperberg is a prolific writer of comic books for DC Comics, Archie, Marvel, Bongo, and Charlton, as well as everything in between, from coloring and activity books and Mad Libs and more. He is also the author of numerous books and short stories of fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages, from Crazy 8 Press, Heliosphere, Titan Books, Stone Arch Books, Rosen Publishing, Citadel Press, Pocket Books, TwoMorrows, and others.

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  2. […] order it from Amazon, or try using the ISBN code to order it from a local bookstore…or get a signed copy directly from Kupperberg himself (that’s the best option because he has several other great books […]

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