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The list below contains most of my published (and some unpublished) work over the years, from early fanzines to the most recent books and stories, assembled from several sources, beginning with the aptly named Mike’s Amazing World of Comics and the awesome Grand Comics Database, and my own files. In the case of early DC Comics text features and letter columns, I’ve only included those that were signed or for which I have a record; there are likely several dozen more that I’ve forgotten or don’t have copies of. (It also didn’t include the likely couple of hundred more letter pages I wrote in titles that I was either writing or editing; I just didn’t have the strength to go through every single series I’ve ever worked on to check. There are also a few score of DC Direct action figure and statue packaging and boxes from the early 2000s for which I wrote copy.) Some dates are approximate; some books don’t list anything more than a year of publication so I might have added a month to facilitate the chronological sorting of the approximately 1200 entries. I’ll eventually fill in some of the holes, correct typos and errors, update (even as I’m typing this I’m remembering a bunch of stories that I forgot to include), and come up with a prettier presentation, which includes artists, story length, and notes. My totals, by the way, stand at close to 14,000 pages of comic book stories and approximately 1.8 million words of prose.

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  1. Lee Wilson says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve been a long time fan, but haven’t seen you at a convention (yet). Checkmate was one of my favorite series although all of your work that I’ve read is very well thought out and a great representation of the given characters, usually giving them depth beyond what I had normally seen from other authors tackling them.

    I have only one autograph of yours to date so I’m looking to build on that.
    Back in 1989-1990, I was corresponding with Steve Erwin and had sent him some of my books to sign. He was going to be seeing you at a show during that time frame and brought my copy of Checkmate #1 with him so you to sign as well.
    I’ve appreciated the effort and cherished the book since then.

    Do yo have plans to attend any shows in or around Detroit?
    If not, do you do any signing by mail?

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