Paul Kupperberg on March 1st, 2020

The second of my Phantom Stranger scripts for Action Comics Weekly to be drawn by the legendary (even then!) Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. “Tommy’s Monster” in ACW #641 (March 7, 1989) is an unabashed homage to one of my earliest comedy influences, the television and absurdist humor writer Jack Douglas‘ “The Boy Who Cried Dinosaur” from his first short story collection, My Brother Was an Only Child (Dutton, 1959), which, for your entertainment pleasure, follows the PS tale in this post.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on April 6th, 2010

The folks over at thought my upcoming zombie-themed story in Scooby Doo #157 (“Night of the Undead”) was worthy of a mention and also conducted a short interview about what did and did not influence the story. You can check it out here.… Read the rest

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