Stephen DeStefano

Paul Kupperberg on August 29th, 2016

TrolLords_CoverIn the mid-1980s, Tru Studios out of Chicago, Illinois was publishing TrolLords, a player in the independent black and white comics boom. The editor at Tru was my friend Brian Augustyn, who I have known since the days I lived in the Windy City, around 1980, and would later work with on staff and as a freelancer at DC Comics (and who I just had a chance to visit with at length at this year’s TerrifiCon in Connecticut).… Read the rest

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Back in 1989, DC Comics had procedures for getting proposals for new titles through what they called “the pipeline.” I assume they still have procedures; I wouldn’t know, since, with the exception of Karen Berger’s recent and reasoned rejection of a project I proposed to her, I haven’t tried to sell anything to DC in years.… Read the rest

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