In 1979, DC Comics published the first issue of a short-lived science fiction anthology title, Time Warp, sub-titled “Doomsday Tales and Other Things.” It was 68-pages for $1 and the covers boasted “8 All-New Science Fiction Thrillers!” The emphasis did seem to be on the story over the art; the cover to #1 had credits for the “Startling Stories by” the writers only. The art was good, too: Michael Kaluta cover, interior art by Dick Giordano, Tom Sutton, Steve Ditko, and others.

Time Warp lasted all of five issues. I sold two stories to editor Jack C. Harris, one that appeared in #5 (something about a vampire robot; Kaluta made it look a lot more interesting on the cover than I recall its actually being, no fault of artists Don Newton and Steve Mitchell), and one that never appeared anywhere because, as I say, Time Warp lasted all of five issues. The artist was, as I recall, Michael Adams. Click on any image to view it at a more readable size:

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  1. rob! says:

    cool story, very Outer Limits!

    those Kaluta covers for TW were AMAZING.

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