“Eyes of the Beholders!” Continued
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Pal and “Eyes of the Beholders!” penciller Rick Stasi sent me this scan, pulled from eBay, of a page (page 7 to be precise) from our (probably) never-published story, the script for which can be found in the previous three postings. Thanks, Ricky!


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  1. Allen Ross says:

    Speaking of promotional comics, over at the GCD I'm indexing several of the "Secret Origin of …" mini-comics produced by DC for Leaf Candy in 1980. You've admitted to scripting one of them (Aquaman) over on the Aquaman Shrine site. Did you do any of the others (Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, JLA, Superman, or Wonder Woman)? Or if not, do you know who did? You can see the covers for these at the GCD. Thanks!

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