There are a few things I know from my 50 years of comic book reading and 35 years in the business:

In the 1960s, the comic books edited by Dick Giordano at Charlton and DC were some of the hippest and best books on the market. He was also one of the best artists in the business, penciling or inking, or both.

As an employee of DC Comics, I always knew I could count on Dick to be a great creative sounding board and a fair and impartial boss.

As an editor, I knew I could always call on Dick to do a fast and beautiful job.

As a writer, I knew my words were going to receive breathtaking treatment when he was assigned to draw it.

A Kupperberg/Giordano story from June 1980,
under a cover by Jim Aparo

As a fan, I knew Dick was a fount of anecdotes, a man who had witnessed a vast majority of comics history helping make that history and loved to talk about it sitting around conventions or over an ice cold Rob Roy and a good meal.

But most of all, I knew Dick Giordano as a friend, and it’s in that role that I’ll miss him the most.

Good afternoon, Dick…


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