More discoveries from the bottom of the file cabinet!

A file folder labeled “Autographs/Sketches,” containing, among other things, personalized autographs from Gumby & Pokey creator Art Clokey (“Hi, Paul–Have a Gumby life, Art Clokey”…words to live by, my friends) and Mickey Spillane; a postcard from author and Elric creator Michael Moorcock (signed “Mike”); signed notes from Joe Simon (as in …& Kirby), Dick Sprang (where the “good” Batman artist of the 1940s and 1950s thanks me for a short bio I wrote of him and calls me a “superb editor”!!); an envelope with a Bill Sienkiewicz Joker scrawled on it, waving and speaking my name; a thank you note from Lynda Fox Cohen, daughter of Golden and Silver Age great, writer Gardner Fox; a Brent Anderson drawing of the villain in the Judge Dredd story he was then drawing for me on a note that accompanied new pages he had sent in; an illustrated note from Sergio Aragones that he sent along with a late voucher for a Wonder Woman pin-up he’d done for me…and the piece below, a fan letter from Uber-fan and cartoonist, Fred Hembeck on an issue of The Flash that I edited.

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