In 1979, DC launched a science fiction title, Time Warp. It was a 64-page $1.00 and tried, bless its heart, to be “real” science fiction. It was closer than anything DC had done before, like Strange Adventures, and featured some good writing and lovely art. It last all of 5 issues.

I wrote a story that appeared in the last issue, “Union In Steel,” that actually made the cover, by Michael Kaluta (!). Don Newton penciled and Steve Mitchell inked. I’d have to go back and reread it, but all I remember about the story is the guy is a cyborg vampire, or something.

I also wrote “The Man Who Would Be Conqueror,” a 5-pager, drawn by Michael Adams and, I believe, Steve Mitchell again, that was sent to the inventory drawer with the death of Time Warp. Looking at the science fiction gimmick cliche it wound up being, I should be grateful for that…instead, in my never ending quest to entertain you (both of you, in fact!) and to embarrass myself (and please click on images to see them at a readable size to maximize my embarassment), I present:

(c) DC Comics

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  1. Michael A. Burstein says:

    I found this amusing. Thanks for posting the story! (Although I thought he was going to discover that the black hole had taken him to Earth in the past…

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