In one of the myriad versions of the Justice League that DC Comics did during the 1990s, they introduced a World War II character named General Glory. General Glory was supposedly the comic book superhero that Green Lantern Guy Gardner grew up reading, but, in reality, the General really did exist and his comic book adventures where actually part of his elaborate cover created by the U.S. government.

I wrote a bunch of General Glory stories for the pages of Justice League Quarterly. These stories were supposedly reprints of GG stories published over the decades, so I would do stories in the style of a 1950s Mort Weisinger-edited Superman story (penciled, for verisimilitude, by 1950s Superman-artist supreme, Curt Swan), a 1990s Image story, a riff on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns…or, this puppy, in the style of a 1950s Marvel Stan Lee/Jack Kirby monster comic, originally opublished in Justice League Quarterly #16 (the All-Glory issue, all by me). While we couldn’t get Jack to pencil this particular story, his being dead and all, we called on my old buddy and brother-from-another-mother Rick Stasi, who jumped in to create a perfect pastiche of a King Kirby tale, and then got Dick Ayers, who actually inked most of the Kirby monster stories this was derived from, to finish the art! So, without any further ado, here is “I Fought Groout, The Creature Who Came From the Cracks in the Earth!” Click on images to see them at a readable size, and tune in tomorrow for the stunning conclusion…

(c) DC Comics

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