My second eBook from Buffalo Avenue Books has just gone online at and is available for download! It’s called In My Shorts: Hitler’s Bellhop and Other Short Stories, and looks something like this…

eBook Price: $8.99 USD. 40,570 words. Fiction by Paul Kupperberg, published by Buffalo Avenue Books at on December 14, 2010. 

Included are three previously published short stories, “Reflected Glory,” (from the anthology Superheroes), “Food For the Beast” (from Fear Itself), and “Man Bites Dog” (from Vampires: Dracula and the Undead Legions), as well as three never-before-published pieces:

“Hitler’s Bellhop,” a story told by a film magazine essay and the lost fragments of a Jerry Lewis screenplay that never was but, really, could have been;

“A Stone for the Grave of Mr. Aronson,” a mood piece about a man’s last hour of life, set in a lonely graveyard;

“The Zombie King,” a piece of flash fiction that takes a Roger Cormanish look at the New Testament.

The cover is courtesy of Kansas City’s own Rick Stasi, my pal and graphic artist extraordinaire.

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