Looks as though the events in Life With Archie: The Married Life #6 (on sale December 29) have struck a chord. I’ll admit, when I wrote the issue I got a bit choked up, so I’m not surprised at the response, from the New York Times to the fan press.

I’d like to remind everyone that way back in the mid-1970s, I also offed Aquababy in Aquaman, and ten years later I did the same to Vigilante (the Aquaman story is scheduled to be reprinted in the Death of the Prince trade paperback next summer). Someone stop me before I kill again!

Click on the images below to see them at a readable size!

LIFE WITH ARCHIE ©  Archie Comics

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2 Comments on I Confess! I Killed Miss Grundy!

  1. Dale says:

    You MURDERER !!

    It is obvious that you a heartless mad dog killer who needs to be taken down. Who will take down this rabid killer ??

    I havent read the relaunched Archie but with you and Norm Breyfogle doing the honours I will have to hunt them down.

    Glad to see you in the game Paul, You and John Byrne, George Perez and many others made my childhood full of adventure and fun.

  2. Paul Kupperberg says:

    Thanks so much, Dale–it's always nice to hear.

    And, for your reading ease, the first story arcs of the two MARRIED LIFE stories will shortly be coming out in trade paperbacks! I'll announce them on the blog when they're available.

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