Waaay back in 1988 I wrote a miniseries for DC Comics starring the Joe Gill/Pat Boyette-created character, Peacemaker. Peacemaker was originally published by Charlton Comics in 1966 as part of editor Dick Giordano’s “Action Hero Line” and lasted only a couple of years. Years later, DC acquired the rights to the Charlton Comics heroes (nearly losing them to Alan Moore’s whim in the 1980s, had his Watchmen gone as originally conceived), and I have managed, happily, to be involved with many of these characters over the year as both writer and editor.

I got my shot at Peacemaker in the pages of Vigilante, where he was portrayed as a dangerous psycho who listened to the voices of the people he had killed who spoke to him via his helmet. In 1988, I spun him off in the aforementioned miniseries (with artists Tod Smith and Pablo Marcos), which was a total psychotic, blood-spattered romp against international terrorism. The voice in his head/helmet now belonged to his deceased and unrepentant Nazi father, and my editor’s marching orders to me had been to push the envelope on crazy and violent.

DC has just posted the entire 4-issue Peacemaker miniseries online for download at .99¢ each via it’s DC Comics app for the iPhone and Android devices, as well as at Comixology.com.

It was, someone in DC Digital told me the other day, sick enough that it was “a book that had to wait for the market sensibility to catch up with it.”

Not shabby for a guy who writes Archie and Scooby Doo, huh?

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2 Comments on He Loves Peace So Much, He’s Willing to Kill For It…And He’s Downloadable, Too!

  1. D. Bolica says:

    I just discovered it the other day- and I LOVED IT!
    I only got #3 – so I need to get the others- Impressed with every aspect of the writing and layout.
    Using his neurosis in such a manic way intermixed the way it is wonderful!
    I am a fan of the Kubert influence storytelling and am nostalgic for the days when there was a market
    For comics that told their stories in this way. Todd Smith is an excellent vivid storyteller as you are yourself Mr, Kupperberg. One of the better comics I’ve read in a while.

  2. Steven Commander says:

    Those text pieces in the back of each issue were a REAL treat! And it also explains how the “other” Peacemaker that appeared as part of Max Lord’s League Busters immediately showed up after one was just killed on Parador in ECLIPSO. I deserve a No-Prize! 🙂

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