I killed Aquababy!

I just received in the mail my comp copies of the new Aquaman: Death of a Prince trade paperback from DC Comics. It features the entire saga of the birth and death of Arthur Curry Jr., aka Aquababy between 1974 and 1978.

I was assigned to write Aquaman after having written two different back-up features, one starring Aqualad (Adventure Comics #453 – 455), and another featuring Mera’s search for the missing baby in Aquaman #57 – 59. My first issue was Aquaman #62 (June-July 1978). My last was #63 (Sept.-Oct. 1978), whereupon the title was cancelled. But that issue did wrap up the whole storyline and I did get to rack up my first comic book fatality. Plus write the character for a few more stories when the Aquaman featured jumped over to the new, giant-sized Dollar Comics format.

Aquaman: Death of a Prince reprints the entire saga, 336 pages of great 1970s comics by writers Paul Levitz, Gerry Conway, Steve Skeates, David Michelinie, Martin Pasko, and me, as well as art by Jim Aparo, Mike Grell, Carl Potts. Joe Rubinstein, Dick Giordano, Juan Ortiz, Vince Ciolletta, Don Newton, John Celardo, Bob McLeod, and Dave Hunt.

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