69093_10151536678862141_258291418_nKevin certainly isn’t the first book I’ve had published…but it’s the first one I that’s ever received this level of marketing support from its publisher (Grossett & Dunlap/Penguin), which has made for an exciting couple of weeks for me. I’ve done numerous interviews with the mainstream and fan press in support of the book but, for me, the highlight of the whole experience was the talk and signing I did with Kevin Keller creator Dan Parent, Archie Comics writer/artist extraordinaire, on the book’s publication day, April 18, at New York City’s Strand Book Store, one of the few remaining independent booksellers in town! No kidding, a signing at the Strand is “big boy” publishing!


The Strand is a something of a NY literati institute, four floors of books, old and new, where a reader can get lost, wandering for hours (pack a lunch!), and blowing the kid’s college tuition. Its elegant third floor Rare Book Room — in addition to housing an assortment of titles that makes the mouth water — has been the location of countless talks by authors: I imagined Dan and I were sitting in seats formerly inhabited by a parade of literary giants the likes of Vidal, Roth, and Mailer…and now, it was our turn. (Really??)

My beautiful picture

Me and Dan Parent in The Strand’s third floor Rare Book Room. Comfy chairs rock!



Reading a short passage from KEVIN. Photo by Marc Witz

In addition to Archie Comics Publisher & CEO Jonathan Goldwater and Co-President/Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick (as well as the publisher and other editorial mucky-mucks from G&D), we had a good sized and enthusiastic audience (including several old friends from comics and beyond!) who seemed happy to listen to Dan and I babble on about Kevin’s past, present, and future (with the assistance of moderator Steven Scott, Archie’s ace P.R. maven), as well as sit through me reading a passage from Kevin before we opened the session up to their questions and ended with a signing session for all present. (I didn’t need my autograph so I got my copy signed & sketched in by Dan!)

Thanks to everyone who turned out…and thanks to the event staff at the Strand, who couldn’t have made us feel more welcome!

And thanks in advance to all of you who plan on buying Kevin! The rest of you…well, the less said the better…

* * * *

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