BeyondBorders-full-coverI’m extraordinarily proud of the two volumes (so far) in the ReDeus anthology series, a shared universe created by Robert Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg, and myself. The premise is simple: in 2013, the old gods return to Earth to reclaim their old domains and demand worship from humanity.

We created a series a Bible (as it were) outlining the basic set-up, carving up the world according to the old ways, and setting up a few basic rules. Then we invited a bunch of friends and fellow writers to contribute their imaginations to our world, and the results have been ReDeus: Divine Tales and ReDeus: Beyond Borders–twenty-four all new stories and counting, until the release, later this year, of ReDeus: Native Lands.

In addition to Bob, Aaron, and myself, Beyond Borders writers’ include: Scott Pearson, William Leisner, Phil Giunta, Steven H. Wilson, Steve Lyons, Lorraine J. Anderson, David McDonald, Kelly Meding, Janna Silverstein, and Lawrence M. Shoen and is available now in paperback or for the Kindle or Nook from the fine folks at Crazy 8 Press!

And while you’re at it, the first volume ReDeus: Divine Tales is still available, with stories by David Galanter, Allyn Gibson, Phil Giunta, Robert Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg, William Leisner, Scott Pearson, Aaron Rosenberg, Lawrence R. Schoen, Dayton Ward, and Steven H. Wilson.DivineTalesCover

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