The Week of October 4, 1982
Art by: Jose Delbo, Sal Trapani, and Vince Colletta
Lettering by: Gaspar Saladino
Superman, World’s Greatest Superheroes, and all related characters & elements © DC Comics
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3 Comments on Superman Saturday (or Sunday) #39

  1. D. D. Degg says:

    Is The Stalker a riff on/tribute to Ditko’s Mr. A?
    Even uses the name of a (completely different) DC
    character Ditko had drawn in the 1970s.

    ps: Like the Trapani inks.

  2. Paul, it’s saturday afternoon and your fans are eagerly waiting the Superman strips for the weeend !By the way, did many papers carried it when originally published ? Why it ended in the early months of 1985 ?

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