A few of the pieces of correspondence I received during my tenure as an editor at DC Comics. Way cooler than an email, right?


A self-explanatory note from the greatest of the Golden Age Batman artists, gentleman and scholar Dick Sprang.


Feedback from Captain America and Fighting American creator Joe Simon on my editorial take on the FA miniseries published by DC. Fuckin’ A his French was forgiven!



While extraordinarily proud of the end result, THE LIFE STORY OF THE FLASH graphic novel I edited in 1996 was one of the worst experiences of my career. Plagued by a 3-months-too-short production schedule, Gil Kane’s illness, and a production manager who was determined to bust my balls on this book (you were and probably still are a despicable dick, Georg), the hardcover went out without all the proper acknowledgements in place; the situation was corrected in the trade paperback. My letter of apology to the family of writer Gardner Fox elicited this very charming response from Fox’s daughter.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hey, Paul. Joe Simon’s daughter here. Love the letter you printed here. Yes, that was absolutely my father’s personality in those letters. I cherish the ones I have saved. They are all so amusing!

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