Time Warp was a DC Comics science fiction title that ran for five issues between October-November 1979 and June-July 1980. Published in the Dollar Comic format (64-pages, no ads, for a buck) and sporting covers by Michael Kaluta, Time Warp featured all new stories by a variety of talent. And me. I wrote three stories for Tine Warp, only one of which was published, “Union in Steel” with art by Don Newton and Steve Mitchel, in #5, which grabbed the cover spot. A second story (“The Man Who Would Be Conqueror,” with art by Michael Adams and, I believe, Steve Mitchell) was drawn and lettered but never published (and can be seen by clicking here). I had forgotten all about the third story, a 3-pager, “Messenger of God,” which appears to be a…oh, let’s call it a homage to Arthur C. Clarke’s “Nine Billion Names of God,” until I came across the script in my files.

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