Back in 1971, two plucky Pauls from Brooklyn decided to publish a fanzine called Etcetera, which paved the way for them to jobs in the comic book business. Not to keep you in suspense, one of the Pauls was me, the other was a kid named Levitz, and the rest is history. Etcetera was a newszine, created to replace Don and Maggie Thompson’s Newfangles, which they announced would soon cease publication. Several months down the line, Etcetera merged with The Comic Reader, and became one of the most widely read ‘zines of the early-1970s, the self-styled “TV Guide of the comic book industry.” Here’s the first issue, date March, 1971:


The opinions expressed in this relic are those of these two clowns, so really, how serious are you gonna take them?

Paul Levitz, 1973

Paul Kupperberg, 1972


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  1. Jeffrey H. Wasserman says:

    Ah, I remember those days well.
    And Paul’s dog Chee-chee! 🙂

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