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The header on this typewritten script for a six-page Green Lantern mini-comic is “General Foods Canadian Comics.” I’m guessing it was a custom comic, probably one of a series from the late-1970s, probably a pack-in for some Canadian General Foods product–but I don’t recall the project, nor do I have a copy of the finished mini-comic in my files.

Anyone Canadians remember finding this (or one like it starring DC Comics heroes) in packages of bread or boxes of cereal?

Cover of the Green Lantern mini-comic.

MYSTERY SOLVED! This just in: according to comics historian John Wells, this was one of nine mini-comics in a 1981 Canadian Post Cereal giveaway series, which also included Superman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. All sources indicate that these comics are fairly rare, and, being Canadian, they feature the dialogue in both English and French, eh. Apparently they came folded in three (I assume sealed in a cellophane wrapper to protect them from the grease in the cereal). Pending their confirmations, the best guess is the GL comic was penciled by Joe Staton and inked by Steve Mitchell.

Green Lantern pin-up by Gil Kane, GREEN LANTERN #46 (July 1966).

General Foods Canadian Comic

COVER:            GREEN LANTERN is in the foreground, flying through the air over the city, shooting his GREEN POWER BEAM from his ring at the figure of DR. RINGER, a villain wears a RING of his own, this one shooting out a POWER SLEDGE HAMMER that’s shattering GL’s power-beam.


1.         Inside a BANK in the city: all the customers, tellers, etc., are turning in surprise as DR. RINGER comes smashing through the wall of the bank, using a YELLOW POWER RING BATTERING RAM to come smashing in.

RINGER:           Stand BACK everyone. this is a ROBBERY, COURTESY of DR. RINGER!


2.         RINGER’S creating a YELLOW POWER BEAM HAND to rip the heavy steel door from the bank vault and toss it aside. A BANK GUARD is shooting at him, but the bullets are bouncing off the POWER BEAM. RINGER is laughing.

RINGER:           HA! HA! HA! SAVE your bullets, fool! They CAN’T hurt MY POWER BEAM!



1.         RINGER has created a YELLOW POWER BEAM VACUUM CLEANER with which he is sucking all the cash from inside the bank vault. GREEN LANTERN is flying into the bank through the hole smashed there by RINGER earlier.

GL:       I THOUGHT I spotted TROUBLE here!


2.         CLOSE-UP of the laughing, smug RINGER: he’s holding his fist before his face, showing off his YELLOW POWER RING, which glows with golden energy.

RINGER:           Well, you can’t stop me either! I’ve got a POWER RING…just like YOURS! HA! HA!


1.         Still hovering in air above the ground, GL is shooting out a GREEN POWER-created set of CHAINS to wrap around RINGER. But RINGER’S created a YELLOW POWER BEAM set of CUTTERS, which are slicing through GL’s creation.

GL:       NOBODY can make a ring like MINE…HUH?! You CUT THROUGH MY CHAINS…!


2.         CLOSE-UP OF GL, looking thoughtful.

GL (thought):  Great Guardians! His ring shoots a beam of YELLOW ENERGY!


1.         RINGER’s YELLOW ENERGY BEAM is shooting out a barrage of YELLOW CANNON BALLS at GL, who’s ducking and weaving to avoid being hit.

GL (thought):  The color YELLOW is the ONE THING my ring is POWERLESS against!

2.         RINGER has created a YELLOW LION from his POWER BEAM, which is chasing GL out of the bank through the same hole in the wall.

GL (thought):  Uh-oh! I’d better get OUTSIDE–people could be HURT in here!



1.         RINGER is flying out into the air outside the bank after the fleeing GL. The YELLOW POVER BEAM LION is disappearing.

RINGER:           I KNEW my ring was BETTER than YOURS, Green Lantern! HA HAI

GL:       Not better…just DIFFERENTI

2.         GL is shooting his GREEN POWER BEAM down at the street, causing the concrete sidewalk to rise up like a pair of GIANT HANDS, reaching for RINGER.

GL:       Just because I can’t affect your power ring, doesn’t mean I’m HELPLESS!


1.         The CONCRETE HANDS directed by GL’s GREEN POWER RING, are suddenly plucking the YELLOW POWER RING from RINGER’S finger, causing him to start falling towards the ground below.

GL:       Afterall, I can STILL use MY ring to affect OTHER THINGS…like THIS!

2.         GL has created a POWER BUTTERFLY NET that catches the angry, defeated RINGER. GL is smiling, holding RINGER’S YELLOW RING in his other hand.

GL:       This should teach you a LESSON, Dr. Ringer…

GL 2:    …It’s not the COLOR Of the ring that counts–it’s HOW you USE IT!

RINGER:           BAH!


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