From 1994’s JUSTICE LEAGUE QUARTERLY #16, the “All-Glory Issue,” starring GENERAL GLORY. It consisted of a framing sequence (by me, with art by Vince Giarrano) and four General Glory stories I’d scripted, each “set” in a different era of the comic book industry. This 12-pager was a pastiche of the 1950s Weisinger-edited SUPERMAN stories…given all the more verisimilitude by being penciled by Curt Swan (and inked by Jose Marzan Jr.). The others were take-offs of 1950s Marvel monster comics (“I Fought Groout, The Creature Who Came from the Cracks in the Earth!”), the Dark Knight (“Return on a Dark Knight!”), and Image Comics (“The Power…and the Platitude!). It’s a fun read, topped by a great Howard Porter cover.

And now, for your reading pleasure…General Glory and Ernie in “Moolah Murphy Goes Straight!”

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