Another Weird War Tales tale, this one from Weird War Tales #83 (January 1980, on sale October 9, 1979), with art by Ric Estrada. This story, and “Brother War” from WWT #81, had both been co-written several years earlier with my friend Bob Toomey and originally sold to editor Louise Jones at Warren Magazines. When Weezie left Warren and the stories still hadn’t been published (or even assigned to artists for that matter), she gave her permission to Bob to shop them elsewhere. For reasons I no longer remember (maybe he had left the business by then?), Bob was okay with me doing the necessary rewrites to sell them to DC and didn’t want any credit on the new versions. By luck, both scripts landed on the drawing board of Ric Estrada, himself a sometime-Warren artist (and one can only imagine what Ric could have done with these scripts in black and white). So, credit where it’s finally due…well, actually, this information’s been in print since 2001, in Appendix F of David Roach and Jon B. Cooke’s excellent The Warren Companion (page 256) from TwoMorrows Publishing.

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