First of all: Jerry Grandenetti. An artist so good, Roy Lichtenstein pirated two of his illustrations for his fine art paintings (Jet Pilot, based on the cover of All-American Men of War #89, and As I Opened Fire, a triptych based on panels from “Wingmate of Doom” from #90). The guy who had worked with Will Eisner on the legendary Spirit newspaper section. The co-creator with Joe Simon of DC’s Prez and the artist of countless DC war stories. That Jerry Grandenetti. He drew this story, from my little script.

Which was for Rosa, Master Spy, a 19th century state-of-the-art super-spy, along the lines of James West in Wild, Wild West, except with none of the fantasy technology. Rosa appeared in Men of War #17 & #18 (June & July 1979) and again in Men of War #24 & 25 (January & February 1980).

To be continued…

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