I see that today is the birthday of one of my favorite Scooby Doo artists, Fabio Laguna. And this is probably my favorite of the Scooby stories I wrote, illustrated by Fabio! It’s one of the few stories I snuck into the mix that broke from the standard Scooby story model, focusing on just a single member of the gang (Shaggy, in this instance) instead of involving them all in pursuit of a supposedly supernatural menace. I went on to propose solo stories for the rest of the gang (including Fred going out on a blind date in “Date Night!” and “Daphne’s Spooky Spa Day!”) which my editor liked but Cartoon Network rejected.

The the ten-page “Sunday in the Park With Scooby”–scanned from b&w Xeroxes of the lettering printout–appeared in Scooby Doo #143 (June 2009), and was lettered by Travis Lanham, (and colored for publication by Dave Tanguay), all under the editorial guidance of Harvey Richards.

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