Apparently, I wrote a secret origin for House in the second Dollar Comics sized issue of House of Mystery #252 (May-June 1977), for which I also wrote the 5-page introduction sequence (with art by John Calnan and Romeo Tanghal), with pages 1-3 opening the book, followed by the 8-page “The Devil Strikes at my Old Kentucky Home!” (art by Don Perlin and Tanghal), with the other two intro pages spread across the rest of the issue.

Don’t forget to lock up on your way out!

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2 Comments on The Secret Origin of the House of Mystery

  1. Tom Pairan says:

    Mr. Kupperberg, did you have a specific locale in mind for the House? I lived in Louisville for 11 years and Northern Kentucky for another 3, and I never spotted it. 😉

    • Depends on which world in the Multiverse you’re talking about.

      Seriously, I had no specific location in mind. All I know about Kentucky is the horse race and the airport I flew into once into once to get to Cincinnati.

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