Ripped from the pages of Green Lantern #156 (September 1982)… “The Gladiator’s Apprentice,” another Tale of the Green Lantern Corps, this one by me, artists Paris Cullins and Pablo Marcos, letterer Adam Kubert, the mighty Jerry Serpe on colors, and, as always, editor Dave Manak.

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  1. King Beauregard says:

    I always liked this one. Wylxa would have made for a pretty good trainer type in the GLC, but I imagine he would have felt that he couldn’t abandon his sector, not with Tahr there. Most likely Wylxa would have never actually retired so much as rendered incapable of doing the job.

    In my memory, his power ring WAS the cane, as opposed to sitting on his finger in the cane.

    One thing I’m starting to realize in my older years is, our brains contain a database of Things Not To Do, except the database starts out empty. As life goes on, we fill the database, so by the time we’re old we have a thorough compendium of mistakes not to make. Poor Tahr there is still filling his database, while Wylxa’s has been full so long, he can’t remember how it ever got filled.

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