Black And White

Paul Kupperberg on May 22nd, 2017

The character of Ch’p, the Green Lantern from the planet H’lven, first appeared in an untitled Tales of the Green Lantern Corps back-up story in Green Lantern #148 (January 1982). Ch’p wasn’t supposed to be a joke, contrary to the eventual fate of the character at the hands of the clueless.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on August 29th, 2016

TrolLords_CoverIn the mid-1980s, Tru Studios out of Chicago, Illinois was publishing TrolLords, a player in the¬†independent black and white comics boom. The editor at Tru was my friend Brian Augustyn, who I have known since the days I lived in the Windy City, around 1980, and would later work with on staff and as a freelancer at DC Comics (and who I just had a chance to visit with at length at this year’s TerrifiCon in Connecticut).… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on October 20th, 2008

On Friday, I posted the art for an 8-page Batman story I wrote that appeared in Gotham Knights #29. This is the script that artist John Watkiss drew the story from. The illustration is by the talented Rick Burchett, a piece for a Batman reader that I edited.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on October 17th, 2008

Same character as yesterday’s entry, different medium. This is an 8-page back-up I wrote for Gotham Knights #29 (July 2002), part of the ‘Batman Black & White’ series of stories, edited by the wickedly talented Mark Chiarello (who’s also a hell of a fine artist and one of the truly good guys; check out his book, Heroes of the Negro Leagues from Abrams whether you care about baseball or not) and drawn by John Watkiss (also wickedly talented and who also has some books to offer).… Read the rest

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