Same character as yesterday’s entry, different medium. This is an 8-page back-up I wrote for Gotham Knights #29 (July 2002), part of the ‘Batman Black & White’ series of stories, edited by the wickedly talented Mark Chiarello (who’s also a hell of a fine artist and one of the truly good guys; check out his book, Heroes of the Negro Leagues from Abrams whether you care about baseball or not) and drawn by John Watkiss (also wickedly talented and who also has some books to offer). This story, along with a couple of dozen others, can be had in Batman Black & White Volume 3. I recommend all three of the Black & White volumes, each one being chock full of stories by the greatest names in comic books from here and abroad. And me.

I thought that today I would run the finished story in all its black & white glory and, next time around, the script it was drawn from, your behind-the-scenes peek at how the sausge is made. By the way, the Ferris wheel gimmick? It was my son’s idea, which he came up with in oh, about three seconds, when he came into my office and saw me slamming my head against the desk because I couldn’t think of a Batman-worthy deathtrap. He was about six at the time.

As always, click on any image to see it at a readable size.

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  1. rob! says:

    great story, great art. i’ve never read this one! i like those stories of Young Bruce training for all the crazy stuff he’ll eventually know as Batman.

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