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Paul Kupperberg on June 11th, 2021


Direct Comments: Comic Book Creators in Their Own Words
The DC Direct Currents Interview Transcripts (1989 – 1991)
Conducted, Transcribed, and Annotated by Paul Kupperberg

Cover by Aalishaa/fiverr
Buffalo Avenue Books
Paperback & eBook
Nonfiction / Comic Book History
192 pages
$16.00 / $7.00 eBook

Comic Book Creators in their Own Words!

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Paul Kupperberg on January 13th, 2017

In 2013 I was asked by the non-profit Primate Rescue Center to contribute a story to a benefit project, Panels for Primates appearing on its Act-i-vate website. I based my piece on a skewed view of a beloved childhood favorite, H.A.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on January 7th, 2016

WWE_Kids_Magazine_May_June_2008In 2008, I was doing a freelance-staff gig in DC Comics’ Collected Editions department. I was brought in to do all the prep work on the next couple years worth of (then) scheduled Showcase Presents volumes. I would create dummy books (essentially Xerox copies of all the stories in the book in their proper order), book maps (the complete list of all the stories), and Tables of Content, so that when that book came up on the schedule, all they had to do was pull the appropriate binder from the shelf to get that particular volume immediately into production.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on October 13th, 2015

TCA4_coverYou know about Charlton Neo, don’t you? The Charlton Comics Facebook page started by Fester Faceplant that lead to what was supposed to be a one-off “fan” publication The Charlton Arrow, which somehow blossomed into Charlton Neo, the little comic book company with a big heart that I help oversee with pals Roger McKenzie and Mort Todd.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on April 6th, 2014

I don’t know how things are set up there now, but when I was still on staff at DC Comics, the company had a Special Projects department from which flowed a diverse variety of comic book and comic book-related product. Formalized sometime in the late-1970s/early-1980s under the supervision of artist and editor Joe Orlando, the department was responsible for everything from creating art and packaging for DC’s licensors to producing comic books in a range of formats for the promotion of those licensed properties and numerous social causes.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on March 6th, 2013

DVBack when I was a kid putting out fanzines with Paul Levitz from the office in the basement apartment of his parents’ house on East 58th Street in Brooklyn, I got to meet a lot of interesting people in the comics field, professionals and fans alike.… Read the rest

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Paul Kupperberg on February 5th, 2009

Actually, the latest installment of my column, Capes, Cowls & Costumes has absolutely nothing to do with the New York Comicon, where I am today. Instead, it’s about Wonder Woman’s appearances in novels and short stories, which is a whole lot more interesting than novels about comic book conventions.… Read the rest

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