According to The New York Times’ Book Section, the Archie: The Married Life graphic novel is a “Graphic Novel Worthy of Being A Gift.” The article, “A Superhero For Your Stocking” by George Gene Gustines was published today and it reads something like this:

“Something exciting is happening in Riverdale, the longtime home of Archie Andrews. In THE MARRIED LIFE (Archie Comics, $19.99), written by Michael Uslan and Paul Kupperberg and illustrated by Norm Breyfogle, Archie has futures: one with Betty as his wife, the other with Veronica. It’s not all malt shops and sock hops: the gang must deal with a lousy economy, Veronica’s meddling father (in both plotlines) and the nagging thought that their best days may have been in high school.”

We are in fine company with books like LIFE WITH MR. DANGEROUS, by Paul Hornschemeier, THE WALKING DEAD, by Robert Kirkman, GREEN RIVER KILLER: A TRUE DETECTIVE STORY by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case, MARVEL FIRSTS: THE 1960S, by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby et al, and others.

Stick that in your stocking and stuff it!

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