I love Carmine Infantino.

Well, I love his art, anyway. To be honest, in person, he could be kind of crotchety and snarly. But as a young, early-1960s comic book reader, Carmine was the first artist whose style I came to recognize and could instantly identify from his work on Flash and Adam Strange. When I was a slightly older comic book writer, I could only hope that one day this legendary artist would draw one of my scripts.

As it happened, he would draw many of them. More than a dozen and half issues of The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl and a bunch of miscellaneous stories and back-ups, including several Tales of the Green Lantern Corps for Green Lantern, starting with “E’sprit De Corps!” which Carmine both pencilled and inked for GL #151 (May 1982), lettered by Shelly Leferman, colored by Anthony Tollin, and scrutinized by editor Dave Manak. Carmine loved inking his own stuff; most editors didn’t (although Julie Schwartz would let him ink the odd Detective Chimp or Elongated Man feature every down and then). I’m in the camp of those who liked Carmine’s inks, scratchy and wandering though they could be.

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